Identify. Re-energize. Revitalize.

Several spiritual services options available

Energy is either positive or negative, good or bad. Like attracts like. Positive and negative energy can be created with interactions and emotions. Those can either result in the creation of a positive or a negative atom. Additional actions and emotions can further develop this energy into something good or something bad.

Ant offers a variety of spiritual services that help to identify who you are, how-to use your power for protection and positive manifestation, release energetic blocks within the physical and spiritual forms and more.

  • Hypnosis – Ant offers several therapeutic hypnosis sessions to access your higher self through induction and coaching methods from the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) to help resolve emotional blocks or traumas clients may be experiencing.
  • Manifest4U – Ant will induce and guide you through the hypnotic activation of your 369-manifestation code within your spiritual DNA & play each of the six Solfeggio frequencies to release fear & guilt, promote emotional well-being, activates cellular health healing, promote harmony & positive interpersonal relationships, promote creativity & self-expression, and awaken intuition & reconnect to Christ Consciousness.
  • Wealth Building – This hypnotic activation utilizes the power of the mind “mind magic” to access to your higher self to attract money and a steady flow of prosperity. The Manfiest4U session is recommended but not required for this session.
  • Trapped Emotions Removal – Utilizing the emotional pain chart, pendulum, hypnosis and magnetic, Ant identifies and releases the trapped emotions causing physical manifestation in the physical/3D form.
  • Timeline Analysis – You have multiple selves across many timelines — past, present and future, as well as parallel realities — this report gives insights on every aspect of who really are.
  • Chakra Balancing – The seven main chakras are tied to the organs within our physical body, unresolved emotions and traumas can block & distort chakra energy. The chakras need to be cleared & rebuild — by you — under hypnosis.
  • Energy Clearing — Negative energies can impact a person or dwelling of low frequency and vibration. Ant clears or coaches you on how to clear the energy, and return to sender.
  • Soul Retrieval – Traumas from this life & sometimes past lives can cause our soul to become fractured and disincarnate. The pieces of your soul must be located and put back together to reveal the puzzle of you.
  • Physical DNA Activation for Chronic Illness – Induction and hypnotic guidance into your physical genetic code (23 chromosomes from Mom & 23 from dad) to reprogram cellular-level processes, including mitochondrial reactivation, enzyme & mineral restoration, rebalancing of the gut microbiome, and protect and rebuild cells.
  • Spiritual DNA Activation for Chronic Illness – Induction and hypnotic guidance into your spiritual DNA, accessing, clearing and rebuilding each of the seven main chakras. Timeline analysis must be completed prior to this session as gene keys, human design, life path & tarot deck avatar will be addressed. Physical DNA session recommended prior to this but not required.
  • Ancestral DNA Activation for 3rd Eye – Induction and hypnotic guidance into your ancestral DNA, accessing each of your chakra with your pineal gland, and calling in each of the 12 Ascended Masters: St. Germain, Confucius, Gautama Buddha, Mary Mother of Jesus, Jesus/Yeshua, Paul of Tarsus/Hilarion, Ashtar Sheran, Melchizedek, Archangel Michael, Metatron, Kwan Yin and Kuthumi. Chakra balancing and Spiritual DNA must be completed before this session.

According to 2023 research organization from MDVIP, “Two-Thirds of Americans Are Living With Gut Issues, Unaware of the Health Consequences.”

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